Traitorous Pompadour
Chapter 203
Kanji 裏切リーゼント
Rōmaji Uragi rīzento
Chapter Information
Volume Number 23
Chapter Number 203
Story Arc Return to Ishiyama High School Arc
Release Information
Release Date May 13, 2013
Issue Number Issue 24-2013
Pages 17
Chapter Guide
Previous The King's Crest Made Simple
Next The Captured Tactician
Chapter 203 Images

Traitorous Pompadour (裏切リーゼント, Uragi rīzento) is chapter 203 of the Beelzebub manga.


Himekawa Elevates In Power

Himekawa rises back to power.

It is revealed that nearly all of the gangs within the school have fallen under the power of the first-year, Shinobu Takamiya, including Himekawa. Moreover, Himekawa has since developed a band of followers known as the "Hime Boys" who even dress up to his likeness.

He and his group of followers are caught on a snowy day strolling around Ishiyama High School by a trio of other delinquents.

Meanwhile, members of the other Tōhōshinki as well as their underlings have gone to a tennis court to play sports and discuss recent events. Several of the delinquents remark on Himekawa's uprising since joining Takamiya and debate on whether they should take action, though Aoi still has doubts about Himekawa's betrayal. Tōjō, whose wounds have healed since the fight, states that he does not believe so and later laments on his carelessness earlier. Aoi reflects on his fight with Himekawa and concludes that Takamiya really is a Spell Master. As she thinks about it, she notices that Oga and Baby Beel are no longer present.

At Ishiyama, Himekawa joins the other members of the Fallen Angels in a meeting with their head, Takamiya. As he sits down, he inadvertently starts a brief argument among the others about their ranks within the group, which Takamiya then states has no meaning whatsoever.

Suzune & Takamiya & Yasaka

The delinquents hear a commotion outside the door.

An argument is then heard outside the door. Suddenly, Oga bursts through with Baby Beel on his back, surprising the members of the Fallen Angels. He tells them that he is there to take back his "glasses", referring to Himekawa. However, he is then told by Himekawa that he is only joining the Fallen Angels so as to get information from them. Oga quickly believes his claim and awkwardly walks out of the room.

After he leaves, Himekawa points out Oga's stupidity to the others of the Fallen Angels. He picks up a screwdriver-like object and thrusts it towards the wall where it hits a picture of Furuichi. Himekawa states that they will need to capture Furuichi if they want to take on Oga all-out.

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