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Unshō Onizuka
Deva King
Kanji 鬼塚 雲昇
Rōmaji Onizuka Unshō
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Shadow Group
Base of Operations Teimō Tech
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 36
Manga Debut Chapter 74
Voice Actors
Seiyū Teruyuki Tanzawa
Image Gallery


Onizuka is a tall and muscular man. He like all other members of Teimo is bald and has thick eyebrows and a large beard. His height and body size easily towers all the members of the Teimo's Shadow group. He is seen wearing a open jacket and a necklace made of large beads.




Saint Ishiyama Academy ArcEdit

He was brought by Kiriya along with other members of Teimo in order to fight Oga. He was initially able to push Oga back, but was soon defeated by Oga. He along with other members of Shadow group came to Shingetsu style Dojo to train. On meeting Oga there, they all attacked him but were instantly defeated.

Prince En ArcEdit

They all went to the Mapputatsu mountains to train further and learnt some fighting skills from Ittosai Kunieda.

Mobichi ArcEdit

Shadow Force Defeated Altogether Again

The Shadow Force pile together upon their defeat.

Onizuka and the other members of the Shadow Force appear by the river near Ishiyama High School, where they find Oga looking beaten and exhausted; seeing him, they decide to fight and get their revenge for earlier. Onizuka also mentions that Oga should still be able to remember who they are. However, the four suddenly find themselves surrounded by the Tōhōshinki and their gangs; altogether, they confront the Shadow Force. The presence of the number of delinquents weakens and frightens Onizuka,[1] who is subsequently beaten up together with his own group.[2]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a part of Teimo's Shadow group, he is said to have some fighting ability. He mostly relies on his physical strength and brute force, but is easily stopped and defeated by Oga. He is later seen training training along with Kunieda's grandfather where he managed to master the Nadeshiko, but only to an extent of breaking medium sized rocks.

Death trailer: A technique of Onizuka in which he tackles his enemy with great force.





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