Before I begin anything, let me announce (for those of you who aren't aware of it yet) that it was Golden Week in Japan, hence the reason why there wasn't a chapter released on Thursday. However, it appears that Weekly Shōnen Jump is making up for it by releasing new chapters early. And so, the 154th chapter of Beelzebub was released (along with an omake chapter).[1]

Moving on. So, as I was reading the 154th chapter, it appears that Beelzebub won an award for "Finest Series" in the 2011 Manga Division, of the France Anime & Manga 19th Grand Pix.[2] I'm afraid I can't find a better reference for that, but considering that it was included in the chapter, I'm sure that's still a good source of factual evidence. Anyway, congratulations for Beelzebub and to the manga, which is still ongoing and getting better and better.


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