aka クリステルアマドラ

  • I live in the home of native and delicious delicacies, Philippines.
  • My occupation is probably the most active bureaucrat.
  • I am a cherry blossom carried by the fiery wind and more or less, the phoenix under the Sun God's control.
  • ThyBlaze

    Stub Template

    December 21, 2011 by ThyBlaze

    Sorry to tell you this but the stub template is rather messy. When you posted it in a page it'll look like this, if you're much aware.

    I've been meaning to suggest that, at least, put some background colors and pictures. Take these as an example:

    Fairy Tail Wiki Stub Template :

    Inazuma Eleven Wiki Stub Template:

    See what I mean? Now, here's my version of my Stub Template for the Beelzebub Wiki:

    I hope you'll be daring to approve it. I meant no offense.

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