VS the Poltergeists!!
Chapter 193
Kanji VS騒霊組!!
Rōmaji VS Sōrei-gumi!!
Chapter Information
Volume Number 22
Chapter Number 193
Story Arc Return to Ishiyama High School Arc
Release Information
Release Date February 25, 2013
Issue Number Issue 13-2013
Pages 18
Chapter Guide
Previous That's What I Planned to Do
Next The Counterattacking Kanzaki
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VS the Poltergeists!! (VS騒霊組!!, VS Sōrei-gumi!!) is chapter 193 of the Beelzebub manga.


Kanzaki & Furuichi Spy On Poltergeists

The discussion being secretly eavesdropped.

On the rooftop of one of Ishiyama High School's buildings, Teruomi happily plays his trumpet, until Shioiri reminds him that Nasu plans to take down Oga and the Tōhōshinki during fifth period. Teruomi then stops and talks about the plan with the large teenager. They then head back to meet with the other Poltergeists.

Unbeknownst to them, Kanzaki and Furuichi have been listening on their conversation the entire time. They update everyone else with the information. Likewise, they receive more reports about the Poltergeists' activities from Natsume, Jinno, Aizawa, Chiaki and Nene. It turns out that Nasu is with neither of the other members. This now leaves Kanzaki and Furuichi left to find Nasu on their own.

It turns out that back at the meeting in the Kunieda residence, everyone decided to keep a watch on Nasu and his Poltergeists, giving them opportunity to go on the offensive later on. However, Furuichi would then suggest that Oga be the one to fight Nasu alone, seeing as he is the "leader" figure in their alliance. Kanzaki is immediately against the idea due to his conflicting thoughts about following under Oga's lead. Likewise, Himekawa thinks the same; however, rather than arguing, he instead chooses to leave and not participate in the plan. After a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine the leader in their alliance, due to an unexpected play from Baby Beel, he is given the position, much to Kanzaki's dismay.

Kanzaki and Furuichi eventually find Nasu alone in a room. Jinno overhears them saying that they found the "Beast" and tells them to wait until Oga arrives. This immediately draws Kanzaki over the line; reflecting on how little recognition he's received since Oga's arrival, he angrily charges into the room with Nasu, ready to take him on alone.


Each member of the Poltergeists gather in the room.

However, upon his entrance, Kanzaki discovers that the entire room is now crowded with the other Poltergeists. Furuichi, who has been forced into the room, notices an unusual marking on Nasu's pectoral muscle, which vaguely resembles the Zebul Spell; remembering Hilda's warning from before, he wonders whether Nasu is the Contractor that she spoke of. Kanzaki simply charges in and attacks Shioriri, only to be badly beaten. As he is being taunted, the strange marking on Nasu's pectoral muscle gradually appears on all of the Poltergeists on various parts, moreover with a different number over it; noticing this, Furuichi tries to find a reason behind all of it. When Nasu starts insulting Oga himself, a bloodied Kanzaki rises from the ground, telling them not to insult his "boss", having finally acknowledged Oga as being superior.

Upon Kanzaki's words, an enraged Oga and Baby Beel smash through the room door. Oga tells Nasu not to underestimate his Kamikaze captain since he has not yet lost the battle. In that instance, a glowing Zebul Spell appears over Kanzaki's back, with a 1 marked over it.

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