We're Going to Get Your Memories Back
Chapter 140
Kanji 記憶を取り戻すのダッ!!
Rōmaji Kioku o torimodosu no da!!
Chapter Information
Volume Number 16
Chapter Number 140
Story Arc Memory Loss Arc
Release Information
Pages 19
Chapter Guide
Previous Tatsumi-san
Next The Demon Maid With Memory Loss
Chapter 140 Images

We're Going to Get Your Memories Back!! (記憶を取り戻すのダッ!!, Kioku o torimodosu no da!!) is chapter 140 of the Beelzebub manga.


The chapter begins with Hilda attending to Oga's and Beel's needs in order to fulfill her alleged position as Oga's wife and Beel's mother and even opted that Beel is to be dressed in clothes.

Afterwards, Oga is seen with Furuichi who is apparently displeased with the notice that Hilda acts as Oga's wife now. Hilda soon joins them and greets Furuichi as a lolicon and claims that he creeps her out even though she doesn't remember adequately. Convinced that Furuichi's creepiness initiated her memories, Oga sets out to show her the others.

Oga introduces the majority of the Red Tail girls to Hilda but she still retains her amnesia. Nene Ōmori, who was watching what she mused as a "love comedy" between Oga and Hilda, averts the approaching Aoi Kunieda elsewhere to avoid a possible clash.

Next, Oga shows Hilda Tatsuya Himekawa and Hajime Kanzaki who are skeptical of Hilda's amnesia. Annoyed, Oga makes it definite that Hilda may hit them which she soon does. Afterwards, Oga shows Hilda several other acquaintances but she fails to recover any memories. However, Hilda concludes that Oga gets along well with many people but he denies that assumption, claiming that most of them are his enemies.

Hilda then questions if it is truly necessary for her to regain her memories since she is happy the way she is now. Oga persists that it is and states that: "If someone were to dare slap [her] on the left cheek, [she'd] hit their right, then left, then right, then left, then right, then a launcher, and while they're in the air, finish them off with Wolverine's Weapon X combo special. That's the type of woman [she] is."

They then encounter Kunieda and Oga explains Hilda's amnesia. Hilda introduces herself as Oga's wife, to the Kunieda's astonishment. The others interpret the tension as a "declaration of war". Disgusted with how things are developing, Furuichi runs off, upset by the attention Oga gets. The rest stares at where he has left, questioning why he is the one running.

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