Yōken Udagawa
Yōken Udagawa
Kanji 宇多川 妖憲
Rōmaji Udagawa Yōken
Alias Observer (オブザーバー, Obuzābā)[1]
No. 4[1]
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Dark
Professional Status
Affiliation Shinobu Takamiya
Solomon Company
Previous Affiliation Fallen Angels
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Ishiyama High School
Previous Base of Operations Daten High School
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 203
Image Gallery

Yōken Udagawa (宇多川 妖憲, Udagawa Yōken), also known as the Observer (オブザーバー, Obuzābā), is a second-year student formerly from Daten High School. He is a former member of the Fallen Angels and currently holds the position of Number 4.[1] Udagawa is also affiliated with the Solomon Company.[2]


Udagawa is a tall, lean-built young man with long dark hair. He lets his front hair frame his face while keeping the rest tied in a ponytail.[2]

Udagawa's attire has been compared to that of a magician's.[3] He wears a long, dark cape with a high collar that is cut down the middle except for the parts that cover his area just below his neck. Underneath, Udagawa wears a long-sleeved shirt with a light ascot wrapped around his neck. He also wears dark pants held up by a light-colored belt. The more elaborate pieces of Udagawa's clothing consists of a dark top hat, a light-colored mask over his eyes with intricate patterns, and light-colored gloves over his hands.[4]


Udagawa is an intellectual, calm, reserved individual. He is a very neutral person, either displaying a poker face or a shrewd smile.[1]

However, he admits that he can enter his "salesperson's mode" which is evident when he details on certain products made the Solomon Company and even gloats on a possible promotion.[5]

Udagawa takes little interest in the genuine activities of the Fallen Angels. He remains with them due to business between the Fallen Angels and the Solomon Company, which he even admits involves granting the high school delinquents power from Demons.[2] Udagawa evens puts himself in a different class based on the fact that he is not a "street thug" like the others;[2] because of the clashing social standards, he is acknowledged as an outsider, though Udagawa appears to bear slight contempt about it.[6]


Udagawa began working for the Solomon Company sometime before, where he eventually came to meet Takamiya, and grant Demonic power to his gang of followers. He had since been affiliated with the Fallen Angels so as to keep an eye out on their activities.[2]

As a member of the gang, Udagawa originally attended Daten High School until he transferred over to Ishiyama High School.[1]


Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

Fallen Angels

Udagawa sitting amongst the high school delinquents.

Udagawa sits quietly amongst the rest of the Fallen Angels as they wait for Himekawa. When he arrives, a discussion sparks between the members about the rankings bestowed by the King's Crest, which Udagawa states only numbers them based on performance. Shortly afterward, their meeting commences though Udagawa says nothing throughout the event, even during the brief interruption by Tatsumi Oga.[7]

During the night, Udagawa remains at Ishiyama High School where he later finds out that Himekawa and Busujima have successfully retrieved Takayuki Furuichi. Udagawa reveals that he has been doing research on Oga and Furuichi's relationship, which he explains brief details about, until he then congratulates the two delinquents for their capture.[3]

Udagawa & Himekawa

Udagawa and Himekawa chatting with one another.

Following Furuichi's beating, which Udagawa observes intently from afar,[8] Udagawa is then left alone in the room with only Himekawa to speak with. He tells him not to worry about Busujima's hostility. However, he is then told that it is a natural occurrence for outsiders, which Himekawa claims Udagawa to also be. Udagawa, taken aback by the sudden comment, then goes on to talk about his affiliation with the Solomon Company and the further details of his true standpoint amongst the Fallen Angels. He also compares Himekawa's situation with his fellow delinquents from Ishiyama and how he is more business-like than one would expect;[9] afterwards, they laugh about their familiarities with one another. However, it is not long until they realize that Furuichi has managed to mull his strength and run away from them.[10]

Later, Udagawa proceeds to the cafeteria where he witnesses four meat-like pieces appear before four of the other Fallen Angels members present. He reveals his presence to them before he then explains that the floating objects are "dessert", sent especially from Takamiya himself. He tells the delinquents to eat them, which they do; moments after, a surge of power begins to flow in each of them. Udagawa smiles with content as he looks on.[11]

Udagawa Holds His Piece Of The Soul

Udagawa stands next to Himekawa with his respective piece.

Udagawa later returns to the classroom with Himekawa, now with a piece of Furuichi's "soul" for his own. The two see and overhear Tōjō running across the hallways before them looking for Furuichi's "soul"; hearing him prompts Udagawa to remark whether he can be any louder than he already is.[12]

He then turns to Himekawa and says that his predictions about the King's Crest bearers getting into a war with one another is turning out correct, only to be told that the others of the Fallen Angels believed for it to happen. Udagawa then watches as Himekawa leaves to fight for himself. Udagawa states that he does not believe that Takamiya would lose, though preparations are fine, resulting in a sharp scolding from Himekawa for seemingly underestimating Oga; this outburst briefly silences Udagawa. Afterwards, Udagawa tells Himekawa that he will be able to use his desired item soon.[13]

Udagawa Explains About The Operational Switch

Udagawa explains about his company's device.

Together, the two head to the rooftop of the building where Udagawa watches Himekawa severe the link between Oga and Baby Beel,[14] observing his situation as it unfolds before him. He explains about the "Operational Switch" being used by Himekawa with detail; during which, he is briefly distracted by the fact that such a device, which he states is as costly as a private island, has been purchased and momentarily gloats on his likely promotion. Udagawa then summarizes that Oga can not use the power of Baby Beel let alone see him. Afterwards, Udagawa looks down upon Takamiya, asking whether the latter would call him out as a coward for what he did.[15]

Later, Udagawa sends a text message to Suzune to inform her of the situation with Oga and Takamiya.[16] He then receives another text message explaining that Kanzaki has left the premises which alarms Udagawa.[17]

Udagawa and Himekawa eventually head to the pool where they are approached by Kanzaki, Yuka, and Baby Beel.[18]


Shinobu TakamiyaEdit

Udagawa claims to have known Takamiya longer than the rest of the Fallen Angels.[2]

Tatsuya HimekawaEdit

Udagawa holds Himekawa with respect, praising his intellect. He even remarks that Himekawa thinks more like a genuine businessman than a "street thug" like most of the students in Ishiyama High School.[19] As a result of their similar attributes, both men get along well with one another.[20]


  • (To Suzune Suzumura) "The King's Crest doesn't play favorites. The better you perform, the more trust you'll gain, and your number rises or falls accordingly."[1]
  • (To Tatsuya Himekawa) "However, you're the same, aren't you? You abandoned the guys you were with before, and now you're clinging on to Takamiya. You don't think like a normal thug, but like a businessman."[21]


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