Kanji 米原
Rōmaji Yonehara
Alias Yonepyon (よねぴょん, Yonepyon)[1]
Race Human
Gender Female
Eyes Dark
Hair Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Saint Ishiyama Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 182
Image Gallery

Yonehara (米原, Yonehara), affectionately referred to as Yonepyon (よねぴょん, Yonepyon),[1] is a high school student who attends Saint Ishiyama Academy. She has participated in the school's special event, Saint Saint X'mas, with a fellow high school student, Hiro Nishizawa.


Yonehara is a slender girl who has dark eyes and dark, shoulder-length hair styled in a "Hime Cut". She has a series of freckles on her face just below her two eyes.[2]

Yonehara wears the standard uniform of Saint Ishiyama Academy. Her outfit consists of a light-colored shirt, with a dark ribbon tied in a bow around the collar, both underneath a light-colored sweater and a dark skirt. She wears light-colored socks that reach just below her knees, topped with shoes.[2]

Yonehara is also bespectacled, wearing a pair of squared glasses with dark frames.[2]


She is a quiet and soft-spoken girl.[3]


Saint Saint X'mas ArcEdit

Nishizawa & Yonehara's Scenario

Yonehara and Nishizawa in the competition together.

Yonehara and Nishizawa participate in the Saint Saint X'mas competition together where they advance to the Top 16.[4]

In the first round, they are selected to go ninth, pairing off against the Yamaka-Koyoshi pairing;[4] they end up winning and proceed to the top eight, where they are matched up against Tōjō and Shizuka.[5] Yonehara and Nishizawa step up into the boxing ring within the gymnasium together with a nervous look when they are being introduced; during this moment, Yonehara comments on the small appearance that her pair is making.[3] The two couples then listen as they are given explanations for their event: double acting scenarios. Yonehara says very little during this match and only makes a soft-spoken comment for her boyfriend, Nishizawa, after he does his part for the second scenario, which ends up touching her; ultimately, despite their high scores, they end up losing in the second round.[6][7]


Hiro NishizawaEdit

Nishizawa is Yonehara's boyfriend whom she affectionately refers to by his given name.[2]

During the second scenario of their match in the second round, she was touched by his statement to protect her, despite the fact that he was acting.[2]


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