You're Not a Man at All, Eh
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Japanese Title なかなか男じゃないですか
Nakanaka otoko janai desu ka
Episode 16
Airdate May 8, 2011
Manga Chapters Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Previous Episode Episode 15
The Delinquents Have Changed into Swimsuits
Next Episode Episode 17
What Do You Think of Demon World Homework?
Theme Music
Opening Hajimaru no wa, Sayonara
Ending Tsuyogari

You're Not a Man at All, Eh (なかなか男じゃないですか, Nakanaka otoko janai desu ka) is episode 16 of the Beelzebub anime.


Takayuki is dragged away from his tropical summer vacation against his will to join Oga and Beelzebub to a public pool, though Oga is soon shocked by the fact he could've gone to the tropical resort himself. While chatting with the Red Tail, Takayuki is approached by some delinquents from his old middle school and ends up going against their leader, Takashima, when they start hitting on the girls. Takayuki tries to hide in the pool, but Takashima calls more of his men and tricks the lifeguard into evacuating the pool, leaving Takayuki and a stunned Oga. As Takayuki becomes surrounded, he forces Beelzebub to cry in order to shock all the delinquents before facing Oga's wrath.

Next episode previewEdit

Hilda presents a present from the Great Demon Lord for Beelzebub to Oga. Oga finds a Demon morning glory seed, a Demon insect collecting kit and a seething notebook inside. Hilda claims he has summer homework to do, to which Beelzebub squeals. Oga takes this as a sign that he is excited. After introducing the next episode, Hilda explains that Demon World radio exercises go from 1 to 362509048 and asks for Oga to perform them. Oga immediately refuses.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Takayuki Furuichi
  2. Honoka Furuichi
  3. Alaindelon
  4. Tatsumi Oga
  5. Beelzebub IV
  6. Chiaki Tanimura
  7. Nene Ōmori
  8. Ryōko Asuka
  9. Yuka Hanazawa
  10. Aoi Kunieda
  11. Hidetora Tōjō
  12. Takashima
  13. Hilda


  • The second opening theme, Hajimaru no wa, Sayonara, can be heard playing in the public pool.
  • In the scene where Furuichi sits at the table with the Red Tail, Asuka's swimsuit changes into a one piece. In the scenes before it and after it, it is a two piece.
  • The second ending theme Tsuyogari ending can be heard playing in the public pool


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