Young Boss
Chapter 143
Rōmaji Waka
Chapter Information
Volume Number 16
Chapter Number 143
Story Arc Field Trip Arc
Release Information
Pages 18
Chapter Guide
Previous Prince's Kiss
Next Futaba-chan
Chapter 143 Images

Young Boss (若, Waka) is chapter 143 of the Beelzebub manga.


The chapter starts with Hajime Kanzaki and his niece pestering him to play with her. Meanwhile, Hilda prepares an abhorrent croquette in which Tatsumi Oga refuses to eat. She assures him that the meal is a symbol of her thanks for saving her. However, she then reveals that she won't forgive him for disparaging her cooking so she will continue feeding him these.

But then Oga's family return home and Misaki Oga is disappointed to learn Hilda has regained her memories. She asks if Hilda remembers anything of her time when she was amnesiac but the latter claims the negative. Hilda then compliments Beelzebub IV's growth and hugs him happily.

Outside the house, Takayuki Furuichi and Lamia hear the excitement from within. They speculate how the amnesiac Hilda is just one of her personalities and there may be times when something triggers a memory from back then, but for now their work is done.

Later, Oga and Beel attempt to go to the corner store when Hilda decides to tag along. She explains that she does not want to be separated from her master even for a second. She tells him to quit complaining since this is what it takes to be a parent. Oga states that he will not raise Beel to destroy humanity and Hilda says that if Beel does wish to then neither will she. Hilda adds that Oga is the only man that can help Beel become the best Demon Lord there is and he questions if she truly forgot everything from her amnesiac times.

The next day in school, a worn-out Kanzaki asks Oga to babysit his niece, using the excuse that he has helped Oga retrieve Hilda. Hilda and Beel support helping Kanzaki since it is "part of a king's job to listen to the complaints of his peasants".

Afterwards, they arrive at Kanzaki's grand house with Furuichi accompanying him. There, multiple servants wait outside to greet them. Furuichi shows his reluctance of entering the house since his instinct is telling him a fight will stir up.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Hajime Kanzaki
  2. Futaba Kanzaki
  3. Hilda
  4. Tatsumi Oga
  5. Beelzebub IV
  6. Misaki Oga
  7. Oga's Mother
  8. Oga's Father
  9. Takayuki Furuichi
  10. Lamia
  11. Shintarō Natsume
  12. Takeshi Shiroyama


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