Zebul Finisher
Kanji ゼブルフィニッシャー
Rōmaji Zeburu finisshā
Chapter Information
Chapter Number 239
Release Information
Release Date February 17, 2014
Issue Number Issue 12-2014
Pages 19
Chapter Guide
Previous The Final Blow
Next Goodbub!! Ishiyama High
Chapter 239 Images

Zebul Finisher (ゼブルフィニッシャー, Zeburu finisshā) is chapter 239 of the Beelzebub manga.


After Satan/Fuji has recollected all their power back from the petrification spell, they prepare for a final move as they are hopelessly outclassed by Super Saiyan Oga. Oga and Beelzebub IV have also prepared a final move, called the Zebul Finisher, which apparently the Great Demon Lord used before, but Oga bluffs they made a few changes it to it. Hilda and Furuichi immediately agree it's a bluff. Many Zebul Emblems appear, reaching high up in the sky, but people are skeptical whether he can actually use it. Even Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division stares up, unbelieving. Satan/Fuji scream in rage as they both fire their final moves. The force of the collision awes everyone and Satan/Fuji seem to be winning. All of the people watching gain a King's Crest to give Oga power, as they cheer him on. Just before they are overpowered, Satan/Fuji yell in frustration why Beelzebub always beats them and Hilda replies that "True power tend to gather around the real king". In a last push, Satan/Fuji is defeated. Fuji is shown fried, standing before crumpling to the ground as Oga exclaims that he has won and as everyone rushes towards Oga to congratulate him. The three geezers of Solomon Company are shown trying to escape after Satan/Fuji was defeated, attempting to run to the moon. On a large screen in the room, childish commentary appears, presumably from the Great Demon Lord. As the geezers are contemplating that they knew Oga would've won, the Great Demon Lord appears and fires a huge blast. The geezers stare on in shock as he explains he was quite angry when his wife came back all injured and hurt. It is shown he hung them from the ceiling with an arrow pointing at them saying "Poop brothers" after he beat them up. It ends with with a scene of everyone hugging and congratulating Oga and the Great Demon Lord saying how he sent Beelzebub to destroy Earth because of people like the old geezers but how maybe it wasn't so bad.     

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